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The Speaking For Profit Podcast | A show for professional speakers, entrepreneurs & business professionals who speak or sell.

Welcome to the Speaking for Profit Podcast with Jason Reid and Cindy Ashton.

Jul 15, 2016

We open our episode with some special news from Cindy about her upcoming TV show called Cindy Uncorked which launches in September 2016.

Go to:


We then talk to Hayley Foster, the Short Talk Expert.™

Hayley gives us insight on everything you need to know if you’r looking to do a TED...

Jul 1, 2016

In this theme episode Cindy and Jason discuss bad, difficult, inappropriate and disruptive audiences.

Hey, we all get them, and it’s important to note that these rough talks are not always the audience’s fault. So if you’ve ever endured a rough crowd or are concerned about how to deal with them, this show is for...