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The Speaking For Profit Podcast | A show for professional speakers, entrepreneurs & business professionals who speak or sell.

Welcome to the Speaking for Profit Podcast with Jason Reid and Cindy Ashton.

Apr 21, 2017

Jason Reid welcomes a former long-time TV collaborator - Broadcaster, Coach and Video Consultant Sheryl Plouffe. Sheryl discusses her years of TV performance wisdom with Cindy and Jason.

They talk about speaking from the heart and the importance of knowing your message as opposed to knowing a script.

Sheryl also talks about how to create videos to brand yourself as an expert and how to do it in an easy and authentic fashion.

Cindy and Jason finish the show by talking about how to get sponsorships for your events.

A long time broadcaster and fan favourite at The Weather Network, Sheryl Plouffe works with start-up entrepreneurs, established small businesses and emerging thought leaders to develop custom online video strategies. Known for doing away with word-for-word scripts in favour of simple yet strategic storytelling, she empowers individuals to transform their online presence and profitability.

Connect with Sheryl on Twitter @sherylplouffe or visit and receive Sheryl's free video training to help you get seen, get known and grow your business.


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