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The Speaking For Profit Podcast | A show for professional speakers, entrepreneurs & business professionals who speak or sell.

Welcome to the Speaking for Profit Podcast with Jason Reid and Cindy Ashton.

Jul 7, 2017


In this episode Cindy and Jason welcome veteran speaker, conflict resolution expert and sponsorship queen Charmaine Hammond.

As a bestselling author, and Certified Speaking Professional she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her speaking and book projects/events/tours including her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even  her pet food and dog poop bags! 

 She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners.

Charmaine shares her simple, but powerful secrets on how to attract sponsors for your event or project, as well as giving insight on how speaker feedback forms can bring in more business. She also shares hilarious stories about her most embarrassing moments on stage and on the road. 

To find out more about Charmaine, you can go to or find her on Twitter @raiseadream

To round out the show, Cindy and Jason respond to a listener question and share tips on how to keep your voice strong during long talks and day-long workshops.

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