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The Speaking For Profit Podcast | A show for professional speakers, entrepreneurs & business professionals who speak or sell.

Welcome to the Speaking for Profit Podcast with Jason Reid and Cindy Ashton.

Mar 16, 2018

In this episode, Cindy and Jason welcome speaker, entrepreneur and author Alfonso Cuadra, a speak to sell master who regularly sells $20K plus packages from the stage at his own events.

Alfonso talks about the importance of self development, creating rapport with your audience, and the process he uses to ensure highly qualified leads in every room. Alfonso also talks about the biggest mistakes people make when they sell from the stage as well as sharing amusing stories about his first speaking opportunity.

After escaping death squads from his home country of El Salvador and living in poverty, Alfonso Cuadra came to Canada and built a multimillion dollar company by age 19. Now he shows his audiences how to overcome anything to be high performers in their field.

You can connect with Alfonso at, through email at, or on Instagram @Alfonsocuadra


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