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The Speaking For Profit Podcast | A show for professional speakers, entrepreneurs & business professionals who speak or sell.

Welcome to the Speaking for Profit Podcast with Jason Reid and Cindy Ashton.

Oct 7, 2016

Working on-camera is different than speaking in front of an audience, but there are a lot of similarities.

So what can we learn from working on camera? Cindy and Jason talk about their own adventures on camera in this humorous and story filled episode.

Cindy talks about auditioning for a TV commercial where she couldn’t read the tele-prompter.

Cindy also talks about her first film appearance which she later found out was part of an adult movie.

Jason relates an informative story from his days producing live TV as well as his history as a bit-part extra in a television series where he had to battle food poisoning and pent up laughter on the set.


Cindy and Jason also talk about an awesome experience they had at an Amanda Palmer music event in the Catskills and discuss the importance of creating the right atmosphere at your speaking event.

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